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    It's Sew Linda is based out of Omaha Nebraska. She has a variety of hand sewn items. Each item is uniquely made and built with the customer in mind. Linda creates useful fabric products. Sometimes she uses recycled materials, like jeans or sweatshirts, or even t-shirts, and other times she finds interesting, unique fabric. She makes some sports related products, such as old team sweatshirts turned into pillows. These are pretty popular!

    Linda has started making several products that represent blues singers as it's a passion of hers. Besides pillows, products include placemats, coasters, small zippered ''goodie'' bags, slightly larger 3-zipper bags, dog scarves, pot holders, and travel packs.

    Check out her listings below! 

    21 products
    Crane Coasters | Set of 4
    Heart Coasters | Set of 4
    Crane Tote Bag
    Crane Crossbody Purse
    Jean Pocket Bag | Multiple Designs
    Oversized Pot Holder | Multiple Color Choices
    Nebraska Placemat
    from $11.99
    Nebraska Towns Crossbody Purse
    Nebraska Shaped Pillow | Multiple Colors | 22X12
    from $19.99
    Christmas Over the Collar Dog Scarf | Small
    Christmas Over the Collar Dog Scarf | Medium
    Tote Bag | Multiple Styles
    Halloween Coaster Set
    Sweatshirt Pillow | Christmas
    Christmas Coasters | Set of 4
    Sweatshirt Pillow | The Cat Likes Me Best
    Walk the Dog | Small Bag
    Ray Charles Wristlet Bag
    Crane Wristlet Bag | Multiple Color Choices
    BB King Crossbody Purse
    Sold Out
    Nebraska Towns Coaster | Set of 4