Baldridge Food Company

Try this delicious seasoning preferred by Nebraska cattlemen. Jim Baldridge's secret seasoning is a unique spice blend utilizing 23 different herbs and spices. It is MSG and gluten free. It is a delicious steak rub - and it is good on salmon, beef, and pork. Try it on everything but ice cream!

Zelphia Baldridge was one of those old fashioned cooks whose table was a favorite meeting place for friends and family. Jim Baldridge, Zelphia's fourth son, took to the art of cooking as he helped his mom throughout the years.  

A few trips to Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, where he observed many fine chefs at work, and the encouragement of a local grocery store chain owner, convinced Jim Baldridge that he should perfect his blend of herbs and spices for marketing.

After procuring a reliable source of the finest herbs, spices, and necessary ingredients, a commercial venture began in July 1991 when Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning was placed on the retail market. The response has been phenomenal.