Sod Walls by Roger Welsch
This book, first published in 1968, is based largely on historical records held by the Nebraska State Historical Society. The many photographs in this work come from the collection of Soloman Devoe Butcher. Other than actually going to the archives of the Nebraska Historical Society, it would be difficult to come up with a better collection of photographs of sod buildings than you find in this work.

This book traces the development of the sod house from the time before white Europeans entered the area which is now known as Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas.
On the vast, treeless expanse of the 19th-century American midwest, pioneers built their homes of a material that came readily to hand--"prairie marble." This book chronicles a uniquesly American architectural form, the sod house. The definitive work on the subject, it covers site selection, sod cutting, interior design, roof constuction, windows, doors and more.

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Sod Walls by Roger Welsch

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