Ready or Not: Ten Reasons to Love Your Baby by Sandra Hilsabeck

Ready or Not: Ten Reasons to Love Your Baby by Sandra Hilsabeck
Ready or Not: Ten Reasons to Love Your Baby by Sandra Hilsabeck

Ready or Not: Ten Reasons to Love Your Baby by Sandra Hilsabeck

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Ready or Not: 10 Reason's to Love Your Baby is a novel about true adoption stories, 40 stories to be exact. Every one teaching lessons learned by people who have gone through the process.

"Let's be joined in selfless love, a rare treasure trove. Unconditional love is shown to those adoption is known."

Open the pages of this book to find out more. 

  • Written by Sandra Hilsabeck
  • 237 pages 
  • Small to medium font 
  • Paperback 

Read this awesome review of the book here:

Hilsabeck’s collection of stories drawn from real lifelooks at adoption through a Christian lens.

The author opens her book about babies, children, and adoption with her own story, in which she becomes unexpectedly pregnant at age 15 in 1960s rural Nebraska. Though her family was loving and accepting, she experienced some social rejection.

Her consolation was her Christian faith: “I feel that I must tell my story,” she writes, “in order to help you

understand why I truly believe that God controls even the time that fertilization of an egg occurs.” Her daughter becomes a source of joy for her whole family—Hilsabeck notes, “My little girl is now the mother four children, whom I would never have known had someone told me they could solve my problem with an abortion.”

These realizations set up the rest of the book, in which she relates the adoption stories of dozens of people (along with some accounts of childbirth), chosen to illustrate the various ways that “love is found in foster, adoptive, and guardian homes the same as it is in homes where children are born to the parents.” The author highlights ten reasons to consider adoption, ranging from the odd (“Your Child Might Grow to Serve Mankind”) to the obvious (“Children Are an Unbelievable Blessing”). 

Each of the stories is followed by a brief “Turning to You” analysis section (“God can prepare us for anything,” reads one such passage. “Think of a time you thought you could not possibly make it through something that happened to you”) and an even briefer prayer.

The author’s depictions of people taking in adoptive or foster children in often desperate or last-minute situations are rendered with touching concision. Prospective parents of Christian faith considering adoption—or those facing its realities unexpectedly—will find tremendous encouragement in these pages.

A compassionate Christian affirmation of the wonders of adoption. 

Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 2600 Via Fortuna Suite 130 Austin, TX 78746

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