Nebraska Star Beef Lucky All-Natural Jerky Teriyaki Indivdual 1.25 oz Beef Stick
These Teriyaki Beef Snack Sticks are really something special. Lean USDA Choice beef, is ground coarse to keep an honest to goodness meat taste and bite. It's carefully blended in our proprietary Teriyaki seasoning and slow cooked to perfection. These are not greasy, mystery meat. They are premium beef that is expertly prepared, and they taste like it.

*We do not use MSG, Sodium Nitrite, or Potassium Sorbate in this product, and the beef used in this product is raised without: Antibiotics, Growth Hormones, or any other drug treatment.

Nebraska Star Beef

All-Natural Lucky Jerky Teriyaki Individual 1.25 oz Beef Stick

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