The Painted Attic

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    We offer a variety of handmade art of all sorts, whether it is paintings, tole work sewn primitives, hand done stitchery and paper crafts including handmade junk journals etc. Many items are mixed media adding to their uniqueness.  We are always trying new things.  The paintings are hand drawn and painted on a variety of surfaces, canvas, old wood, new wood etc.  Our items are unique and when you purchase you can know that there isn't another one like it.  
    9 products
    Benjamin | Barnyard Collection
    You Are My Sunshine | Floral Collection
    Flowers in a Vase | Floral Collection
    Green and Black Vases | The Barnyard Collection
    Sara Sue Cow
    Bouquet of Flowers On Canvas
    Nola The Sheep | The Barnyard Collection
    Maya The Alpaca | Barnyard Collection
    Sold Out
    Lord Byron | Barnyard Collection