Straight Arrow Bison

6 products

    6 products
    Dog Supplement | Bison Marrow Mush | Dog Health Supplement | Add Supplement to Any Dog Food |4 oz. Bag
    Buddy Treats | Freeze-Dried Raw Bison Bits | 8 oz. Bag
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    Freeze Dried Bison Bone Broth | Packed with Minerals Collagen and Nutrients | 100 grams

    Straight Arrow Bison is out of Broken Bow, Nebraska. They raise and sell 100% grass fed bison. Their products range from pet supplements and treats, to freeze dried bison broth, bison burger, and bison tallow all purpose soap. 

    A word from Straight Arrow Bison: "The business has not been all sunshine. There have been droughts, market swings, learning curves, and lots of hard work. But the Bredthauers see it as a way of using the resources God has given them and multiplying them for the good of the land, the environment, and for the health of other people. And best of all, it’s a way of life they enjoy as a family and can share with others."

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