Heavenly Waffles

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    Heavenly Waffles Mix | Resealable 22 oz. Bag
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    Heavenly Waffles Mix | Resealable 5 lb. Bag
    Gluten Free Heavenly Waffles Mix | 22 oz. Resealable Bag

    Chef Bob Haney had a vision for revolutionizing breakfast started in Grandmother Glady’s kitchen. The idea originally started out as a pancake recipe, then started working on converting the batter to a shelf stable dry mix. Five years and four food scientists later, a new revolutionary waffle mix made with yogurt was born.

    In 2017, Chef Bob changed mixing instructions from adding water to adding club soda, an egg, and oil and began making waffles. The Heavenly Waffles name is in recognition to Grandma Glady, who is now in heaven. Heavenly Waffles.

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