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    Glowing Creation Out of Omaha Nebraska is made by retired David Fitzpatrick. He hand makes and crafts all of the creations.  Luminous Flowers are made of a high impact resistant fluorescent acrylic material that is lightweight, UV resistant, and weatherproof. Due to their light transmitting capability, the fluorescent property of this flower is especially noticeable when light penetrates the polished surface and transfers to the edges emitting a captivating glow.

    The flowers can be placed inside or outside, in planters, pots and around borders. Bring your garden/home to life with their lively colors in the summer as well as in the winter, rain, snow, or sunshine.

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    8 products
    Flowerpot Butterfly | Yard Décor | Small 4" | Multiple Colors
    Garden Dragon Fly | Flower Pot Size | Small 4" | Multiple Colors
    Yard Flower | Single
    Tulip Luminous Flower | Single
    from $24.99
    Garden Dragon Fly | Medium 6" | Multiple Colors
    Garden Dragon Fly | Large 10" | Multiple Colors | 3 Feet Tall
    Butterfly | Yard Décor | Large 12" | Multiple Colors | 3 Feet Tall
    Medium 8" Butterfly | Yard Décor | Multiple Colors | 2 Feet Tall