Buzz Savories, LLC

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    Created in Holdrege, Nebraska, Buzz Savories features top of the line mustards. Spicy Beer Mustard and Honey Mustard are gourmet mustard that is a must-have in your household. Buzz Savories creates exceptional mustard that you will be wanting more.

    Betty, pictured above, is the proud owner of many bee hives. She started this journey just trying to find a hobby after retiring. This led her to venture into bee keeping, and finding something to do with her excess honey! 

    Check out her listings below! 

    10 products
    Spicy Beer Mustard | 9 oz. Jar | 2 Pack
    All-Natural Honey | 9 oz. Jar | 2 Pack
    Bee Hive Hand Poured Bees Wax Votive Candle | 2 oz.
    Honey Mustard | 9 oz. Jar | 2 Pack
    Buzz Worthy Gift Box with Honey Comb Candle
    Buzz Worthy Gift Box
    Bark Design Hand Poured Bees Wax Candle | Includes Wooden Base | 12 oz. candle
    Honeycomb Hand Poured Bees Wax Candle | 6 oz.
    Mix and Match Packs | 9 oz. Jars
    from $19.99
    The Sampler Pack | 9 oz. Jars