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    My name is Brad Simonsen. I grew up in, and still live in, Nebraska. I am a professional Architectural Visualization Artist. I am a fan of science and technology but I also love, need, and seek out nature and silence and simplicity. I was active in drawing and painting when I was young but got away from the arts for a while when I was going to school and trying to make my way in the architectural field and raising a family. About ten years ago I realized the artistic side of me was being neglected so I started teaching myself photography. I like photography because it is an excellent way to tell a detailed and meaningful story. A story that tells exactly the truth but also allows for subtle artistic nuance. Photography also allows an opportunity for me to get away from the rat race for a bit and explore the world. It provides an opportunity to set aside the pressures and responsibilities of modern life while I seek out and collect unique, often very brief, moments that I have experienced and present them to others to see through my eyes. Photography is also a wonderful way to combine technology and nature, two of my favorite things, in a way that is very personal, challenging, rewarding, and inclusive. I hope you enjoy viewing my photography as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

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