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Chili Dawg’s Foods of Fire swept the 2011 National Scovie Awards category for Fruit Based Wing Sauce. Strawbanero was first, second was Razbanero and completing the sweep was Hablemeno. Chili Dawg's proved out the Razbanero award on smoked chicken wings.  

If you don't have a smoker: 325 degrees in an oven for approximately one hour will work; be sure they are done before removing them from the oven. Some ovens vary from others. 

If you have a smoker: Let it reach 225 degrees before putting the wings in. Applewood smoke is one of Chef Dawg's best kept secret for smoking these. He leaves them in for an entire two hours. 

  • First, Take approx. 30 full wings and rub them down with some Habanero seasoning
  • Next, Let them set at least two hours. You can let them marinade for at least 24 hours for best results. 
  • Once they're cooked through, remove the wings, put them in a large mixing bowl equipped with a lid.  Once the wings are in the bowl, still hot we might add, mix up a jar of Razbanero and pour in the entire jar.  Note: You could use less but you will not experience the joy of a sloppy mix of sauce, seasonings and juice on your fingers, cheeks and lips. 
  • Finally, Put the lid back on the mixing bowl and shake the heck out of the entire batch to be sure the Razbanero reaches every nook and cranny of the wings. 


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