Eternal Promises

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    7 products

    Eternal Promises is based out of Omaha, Nebraska. 

    A Note From The Maker: 

    "Introducing Eternal Promises, where superior service meets personalized attention. We offer more than just candles and wax melts; we provide companionship on your journey towards mental health and spiritual healing with Jesus Christ.

    At Eternal Promises, we understand the importance of comfort, inspiration, and hope. Our candles and wax melts aren't just products; they're beacons of light illuminating your path to wellness. Let the gentle flicker of our candles guide you towards spiritual and mental wellness, offering solace and strength in times of need.

    Our candles create sacred spaces for prayer and reflection, serving as vessels for connection with the divine. Whether you're meditating on God's word or pouring out your heart in prayer, our products facilitate a deeper connection, allowing you to find balance, express your emotions freely, and seek guidance from above.

    Join us on this journey of faith and healing. Illuminate your faith, heal your mind with Eternal Promises."

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