Savory Bison Chaffles

Looking to spruce up your breakfast? This bison sausage and waffle dish will no doubt leave you wanting more and keeping the recipe in a secret and safe spot! Not to mention, this recipe includes zero hassle and is perfect for a quick, but delicious meal. Today we will be featuring Nebraska Bison, and Heavenly Waffles. We would also like to give a shout out to Nebraska Bison for providing this amazing recipe

Who is Nebraska Bison?

At Nebraska Bison, our search for better began on a humble farm with the mindset to craft something better for our families. For over 20 years in Adams, NE, we have been proudly feeding families across the United States. Being a trusted food supplier is something we take seriously, and our reviews speak for themselves. The meat we serve is the same meat we put on our own tables to feed our own families

Who is Heavenly Waffles?

It all started in Grandma Glady's kitchen when a passion to spruce up the popular waffle dish became her focus. Glady was known for being creative and thinking outside of the box which would be a trait that her grandson, Chef Bob, would soon inherit and influence a pivotal idea in Heavenly Waffles. With his grandmother's idea on his mind, Chef Bob soon took over and was determined to make Glady's idea come to life. Chef Bob worked on perfecting the new high protein, yogurt based waffle mix for eight years before he released the finished product. In tribute of his late grandmother, the name Heavenly Waffles was born and the business has flourished in her spirit ever since. 



  1. In a medium skillet, place 1/2 lb of ground bison breakfast sausage into the pan and cook on medium heat until browned.
  2. In a large bowl, follow the instructions per the Heavenly Waffles Mix 
  3. When waffles are ready, top with breakfast sausage and top with desired condiment. 
  4. That's It! Enjoy! 



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