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Are you looking for a breakfast that is a spin on a classic? The Heavenly Waffle Mix is sure to be hit with for anyone. When you pair this mix with the Sandhill's Cowboy Syrup from Rafter 7s your tastebuds will be singing praises.

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Who is Heavenly Waffles?

In 2009, Chef Bob completed training at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas, and started working on transforming the initial pancake batter that Bob’s Grandmother Glady made. Five years, and four food scientists later, a new revolutionary, high protein, yogurt based, waffle mix was born. Initially branded as Pancrepes, it would take three more years before the final recipe would come to fruition.

Then in 2017, Chef Bob modified the mixing instructions, and instead of adding water he began mixing club soda, egg and oil with his mix – finally Heavenly Waffles was born. The name was trademarked in recognition of Grandma Glady who is now in heaven. Heavenly Waffles can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, and corporate restaurants across the country. 

Rafter 7S Sandhill Cowboy's Syrup | Chokecherry & Plum Syrup | Best Syrup For Eggs & Waffles

Who is Rafter 7s?

Sherri has made jelly for many years, sharing them with her family and friends. In the mid 1990’s she began selling her jelly at farmer’s markets and craft fairs. After hearing customers, family, and friends rave about how they loved her products, they decided to take the next step. In 2004 they launched a commercial business and introduced the products into stores across Nebraska.

Rafter 7S is located 30 miles north of Paxton, Nebraska in the Nebraska Sandhills. It is in the heart of cattle country on a working ranch. A common question Sherri is asked is, “Where does the name Rafter 7S come from?” The name "Rafter 7S" comes from their cattle brand. The brand was first registered by her husband's grandfather. The company consists of her husband, Dean, herself (Sherri), and their children (Kate, Mara, and Clay).

2 Cups of Club Soda
3 TBSP of Oil
1 Egg
1. Mix in your Heavenly Waffle Mix, Club Soda, Oil, and Egg.
2. Heat waffle iron and spray with non-stick spray.
3. Pour Heavenly Waffle Mix on the iron and cook for 4-5 minutes.
4. Repeat until all the Heavenly Waffle Mix is gone. 
5. Pour the Sandhill's Cowboy Syrup over the Heavenly Waffles.
6. Enjoy!

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