Gourmet Frozen Hot Chocolate | Cup Of Coa Frappe | BEST Frappe Recipe! 🙂

Cup of Coa's recipe contains a blend of gourmet and carefully selected cocoas to create its amazing flavor. It consists of only 1% natural and artificial flavoring, which we use to round out the blend and maintain a consistent flavor profile. We like to think of these flavorings as a pinch of salt and pepper in our favorite recipe: they accentuate the taste, but they do not create it. 

We spent six months developing our powdered cream base. We refined the recipe’s stabilizer to be strong enough to keep the cocoa suspended: we wanted our drinks to keep a natural consistency as they cooled. We also endeavored to create a base that was creamier than anything mixed with milk, since we knew this was the taste that most customers preferred. With its frothy head, its creamy base and its pleasing consistency, we are confident that our efforts in creating CUPofCOATM have resulted in the highest quality cocoa available on the market.

The launch of the Sinfully Mint flavor of cocoa in fall of 2019 has also been a big hit with all our already raving cocoa fans! Seems like the new flavor was "mint" to be. 😉

Our recipes are simply mixed with water and can be served hot, frozen or reduced down on a stove top into a syrup. Check out the following mouth watering frappe recipe using Cup of Coa. See All of Cup of Coa Recipes Here.



In a blender, combine powder and hot water. Add ice cubes and blend approximately 2 minutes at high speed until thick and creamy. Pour into chilled glasses and serve. Garnish your frappe with a dollop of whipped cream and drizzle with your favorite liquid syrup.

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