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Having trouble deciding what to bring last minute to a party? Say no more, we are here to deactivate your panic button. This Candy Coated Popcorn recipe takes only 3 ingredients and is ready to serve in less than 10 minutes! Magic, right? Not only is it a super easy-to-make recipe, but it also is the best sweet and savory snack ever! It IS called "Crack-Corn" for a reason. Fluffy, crunchy, buttery popcorn coated in a blanket of sweet, creamy almond bark and topped with any festive sprinkles or food dye for a specific occasion and you have yourself the perfect party snack that will have everyone begging for the recipe! Let's make it! 

Today we will be featuring Preferred Popcorn & Simply Sunflower! We would also like to give a shoutout to An Affair From The Heart for this perfect party snack recipe inspiration! 

Who is Preferred Popcorn?

Preferred Popcorn, LLC is headquartered near Chapman, in the fertile Platte River Valley of central Nebraska. Our 100% farmer-owned company grows and processes the best premium bulk popcorn. Our delicious corn is grown and sold as bulk, microwave, all-in-one kits, and smaller 2 lb poly bags. Quality popcorn is our passion! We sell all over the United States and export to over 55 countries around the world! We pride ourselves in saying that our popcorn is ''Picked To Be the Best''

Who is Simply Sunflower? 

Simply Sunflower oil comes from fresh sunflowers grown on Nebraska farms. These seeds are mechanically pressed using no chemicals or preservatives. Their goal is to offer you a versatile, trans fat-free oil that is low in saturated fat and high in natural vitamin E. This oil product is available to consumers in 16 and 32 oz bottles. Please contact for wholesale purchasing.

What You'll Need:

Let's Assemble! 

  1. Pop the Preferred Popcorn Microwave Popcorn as directed on the package or pop your own from our wide variety of un-popped popcorn! Remove all of the un-popped kernels. Pour popped popcorn into a large bowl, or a paper grocery sack. Melt almond bark squares and Simply Sunflower Oil in your microwave for one to one and a half minutes, or until you are able to stir into a pourable consistency. Pour warm mixture over popcorn and toss. 
  2. After the popcorn is evenly covered, shake the desired sprinkles onto the corn and shake until you have it coated to your liking. Let it sit in a large bowl to "dry" for a while, especially if you decide to put into treat bags. 


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