Z Harvest Gems 2 Hole Disc Pendant Necklace

This is a 2-hole sterling silver square disc with a sterling silver round bezel. The bezel contains corn. The pendant hangs on a sterling silver or silver plated 16 inch or 18 inch chain.

Z Harvest Gems offers unique, patent-pending jewelry made of corn. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. The jewelry is based in part around the owners' love and appreciation for the beauty of cornfields. The legend of five kernels of corn also helped to inspire the purpose of the jewelry. The founders of our great country endured many trials and hardships, yet persevered through them to claim their blessings. As a result, they placed five kernels of corn on a plate to symbolize their thankfulness. The hope of this company is that the individuals who wear these designs will use their grit, optimism and faith to persevere through difficulties and trials to claim their blessings.

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Z. Harvest Gems

2 Hole Disc Pendant Necklace | One of a Kind Hand Crafted Necklace | Made With Real Corn

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