The Country Nest Harvest Shadowbox Wall Hanging
This rustic wooden shadowbox is made of pine so the natural characteristics of the wood show through. This piece measures 13" x 13" x 1". The paper art print is adhered to hard board. A sealer is then applied giving it a textured finish. There is a saw tooth hanger on the back for hanging.

This piece says: "Harvest: That priceless moment when you watch the grain rolling in the combine.. Satisfaction, Peace, Gratitude. That anticipated time when all the sweat of your brown comes to fruition." It is a quote by Cindy Jacobs

Each piece from the Country Nest is handmade one at a time. The wooden art plaques go through many steps before it becomes a unique piece of wall decor. It starts with high quality MDF board. The Country Nest uses the artwork of many licensed artists. Each frame starts as a 2x6 piece of pine lumber. After the frame is assembled, it is hand painted, stained and sealed

The Country Nest

The Country Nest Harvest Shadowbox Wall Hanging

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