The Barn Candle Company All Natural Harvest Soup Mix 2 Jars
Simply delicious and beautifully packaged in a mason jar! This soup is a hearty blend of great tasting ingredients. To make add water, broth, and diced tomatoes to create this soup sensation that will engulf your kitchen with the rich aroma of homemade goodness. Add poultry, beef or pork to mix it up a bit.

Each container makes approximately 6-8 servings. You will receive 2 jars.
(The All Natural Harvest Soup Mix jars do not contain spice packets.)

Ingredients: Split Peas, Lentils, Rice, Barley, Pasta, Onion, Parsley, Basil, Oregano, and Garlic.

The Barn Candle Company is committed to helping others. It's yearly fundraising program has supported a variety of groups - from religious organizations to dance studios. In 2016, the Barn Candle Company gave away over $60,000 to provide educational opportunities for young people. The Barn Candle Company's fundraiser program is offered year-round. This allows organizations to utilize the program when it best meets their needs.

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The Barn Candle Company All Natural Harvest Soup Mix 2 Jars

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