Sunheat International Extra Wide Leather Massage Chair Black
The BEST Deep 3D Massage Chair for Your Whole body - ZERO Gravity with Heat Therapy, Lumbar Spinal Therapy, Foot Reflexology Roller & More Stress and pain are 2 things we can do without, and this massage chair could help with these and many more. Featuring a full body Shiatsu deep tissue massage with custom and pre-programmed options, this chair has an intelligent, space saving design. Based on NASA's zero gravity theory, this chair can be placed only 3" from the wall.

Possible Benefits and Product Features:
  • Blood vessel and lymphatic (immune system) vessels improve to eliminate toxins from your body while lowering blood pressure.
  • May result in less spasms and knots
  • Increased blood flow provides more oxygenated blood to your whole body allowing injuries to heal sooner
  • Improved flexibility and balance
  • Loosens muscles around the ribs improving breathing
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Helps with degenerative arthritis by reducing or eliminating abnormal pressure on bones, ligaments, tendons and tissue
  • 3D Massage, 3D sensor spinal check up
  • L Track decompress spinal therapy
  • Yoga strength Lumbar traction for back pain
  • Heat therapy
  • Foot reflexology roller
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Sunheat International

Sunheat International Extra Wide Leather Massage Chair Black

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