Snow & Sanity: Book 3 of Dust & Cannibals by Bruce I. Schindler
This is set in contemporary rural Nebraska. The characters in the story are able to deal with and overcome great odds against them. Without electricity or petroleum, horses once again become the transportation of choice.

Summer ended with a thud. winter was far worse than any seen before. Harlan now resembled Siberia or Antarctica more than Nebraska. The six hundred barely survived a perfect storm of catastrophes which nearly wiped out humanity. now they faced frigid temperatures and piles off snow, desperately hanging on to their lives and sanity.

Deputy Vince, the last lawman, discovered a woman hidden by families in Ragan. Vince knew everyone in Harlan, but not her. The only other survivors were terrorists sworn to kill everyone in Harlan. who was she? It was a problem Vince had to solve quickly.

Rick was the only computer programmer alive, but his talent with computers was useless without electricity. He didn't fit in. Both the county tycoon and the manager of the only ranch hated him. The local girls ignored him.

The weather and circumstances were insane. Would anybody survive until Spring? Will they all go crazy first?

Bruce l. Schindler

Snow & Sanity: Book 3 of Dust & Cannibals by Bruce I. Schindler

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