Shepherd's Dairy 4 Ewe 2 oz Hope Lotion
This lotion is made from sheep's milk. The milk proteins smooth, firm and soften the skin. The unique properties of the milk leaves the skin feeling silky smooth as well as hydrated. Our lotions are a natural product. Just a dab goes a long way.

The "Hope" fragrance is in tribute to those who have lost loved ones to cancer or are battling cancer themselves. The fresh green, earthy fragrance symbolizes the "hope" for a new start to a better health as they continue the search for cures.

Ingredients: distilled water, sheep milk, sunflower oil, glycerin, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, preservative and fragrance.

Shepherd's Dairy 4 Ewe

Shepherd's Dairy 4 Ewe 2 oz Hope Lotion

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