Rustic Milling and Crafts Star of the Milky Way Outdoor Barn Quilt

Rustic Milling and Crafts

Rustic Milling and Crafts Star of the Milky Way Outdoor Barn Quilt

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This popular quilting pattern has been around some say, since the 1700's. It goes by many names -- LeMoyne Star, Lemon Star, Puritan Star and the Eight Pointed Star to name just a few. There are many variation to this design depending on where it is sectioned out and how the colors are arranged.

This design definitely keeps the eyes moving. The sharp corners are fun and satisfying, as an artist, to create. The dark purple that was used in their piece was also used to make the lighter lavender after adding white to it, making it a perfect match. The black background makes the colors pop.

This piece was made with the highest quality outdoor sign making board, premium MDO, Medium Density Overlay, sign board. In addition to the perfect painting surface, it has resin pushed into the top and bottom of the board to protect it from outside elements. 2 coats of sealant were applied to the edges and 4 coats of exterior white primer. The exterior colored paint was applied 4 times. Due to the wide variety of surfaces this could be applied to, hardware has not been added. When applying hardware, remember to fully seal any pieces so that water does not get in.

This piece measures 24" x 24" and is 1/2 inch thick.

Rose and Raymond are a husband and wife team that work hard to wrangle wood and come up with creative ideas to create beautifully made products. They take pride in being unique and doing quality work following where their inspiration leads them. They find inspiration in so many places - shape, size, color or character of the wood they use, and so much more.