Rafter 7S Hot Jalapeno 8 oz Jelly Case Pack
Hot Jalapeno Jelly is a unique blend of sweet and spicy. It is made from locally grown, hand-picked peppers. For those of you that like a little more heat, this jelly is for you! Although it is spicy, it still has all the great flavor! Try mixing Hot Jalapeno Jelly with cream cheese or sour cream for a tasty dip. Toast a bagel and spread with cream cheese and jelly for a spicy-sweet breakfast. How about adding a little spice to your peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It is made the old fashioned way - hand stirred in small batches. Gluten free.

Case pack- qty 12

Ingredients: sugar, apple juice (water, concentrated apple juice, ascorbic acid [vitamin c]), apple cider vinegar, bell peppers, pectin (dextrose, fruit pectin, citric acid), green food coloring (FD&C 3).

Rafter 7S

Rafter 7S Hot Jalapeno 8 oz Jelly Case Pack

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