Ogallala Bay Rum Genuine 4 oz. Cologne
This Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum product has a bold, refreshing fragrance ... like you remember from years ago in the barber shop. This cologne smells like Bay Rum used to. While you can also use it as aftershave, some have found it too strong for that purpose, so the aftershave line was also added. The cologne comes with an additional label on the tag that reads: "Warning! Contents are potent. Not for sissies!" Comes with a card that reads: From 1870-1885 Ogallala was the destination of countless cowboys driving cattle north from Texas to the railhead. Remember never judge a cologne (any of em...not just ours) by the way it smells in the bottle. There are variables involved. How it smells on YOU after a little while is one of em. 4 oz bottle.

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Ogallala Bay Rum

Ogallala Bay Rum Genuine 4 oz. Cologne

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