Gourmet Ground Bison Burger 4 lbs. Gourmet Ground Bison Burger 4 lbs.

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This all natural bison burger comes in individually sealed 1 lb. packages. Ground Bison is at minimum 90% lean. They NEVER add fat to reach a specific leanness percentage, so the burger will always vary between 90-95% lean. Enjoy ground bison as a leaner choice in any of your favorite recipes!

Use the Ground Bison in any of the recipes you already love. The meat is finished in the same way as prime beef providing great flavor, yet it still retains the health benefits of less fat and cholesterol than prime beef.

Because this is a perishable product, additional charges are added to ship to the states of Hawaii and Alaska. Includes: 4 individually wrapped 1 lb. ground bison packages. No matter what is chosen, all orders are shipped using FedEx.

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