12 Gourmet Bison Burger Patties

Enjoy an all natural and flavorful bison burger with our pre-formed Bison Patties. Each patty comes perfectly formed, three to a package. Cook your burger to your preference, add your favorite toppings and enjoy a delicious burger! With this order, you will receive four packages for a total of 12 [1/3 lb.] patties.

The meat is finished in the same way as prime beef providing great flavor, yet it still retains the health benefits of less fat and cholesterol than prime beef.

Orders are shipped using FedEx. Bison products Excluded from free shipping offers.

Nebraska Bison

Bison Burger Patties, 12 Gourmet Patties 1/3 lb. ea., All Natural Lean Protein Burgers | FREE Shipping

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