Grain Place Foods Non-GMO Organic Rolled Triticale 25lb Bag
Grain Place Foods Non-GMO Organic Rolled Triticale 25lb Bag

Enjoy Grain Place Foods Organic Kosher Rolled Triticale with other rolled grains in breakfast porridge or granola - and add to soups and casseroles for an extra protein and nutrient boost. Grain Place Rolled Triticale is processed in a way that increases digestibility, while retaining nutrients and improving storage quality.

Triticale is a relatively new grain, the result of successful plant breeding over the past 100+ years, and it is still a work in progress. It is a cross between durum wheat (genus Triticum) and rye ( genus Secale) and its name is a cross between its parents۪ Latin names. Triticale was first grown in 1875 but commercial production did not begin until 1969. Fortunately, the hybrid acquired desirable characteristics from both parent grains, having the yield potential of wheat and adaptation to harsher growing conditions (dryer, colder) of rye.

And triticale can boast an even higher protein content and better balance of amino acids - than either parent grain. It can be used just like wheat or rye, with one exception: its lower gluten content requires that its flour be mixed with wheat flour for yeast breads.

They buy the best quality as close to home as possible, and wherever possible, they maintain grower identity.

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