Hard Red Winter Wheat | 2 lb. Bag

Hard Red Winter Wheat | 2 lb. Bag
Hard Red Winter Wheat | 2 lb. Bag
Hard Red Winter Wheat | 2 lb. Bag

Hard Red Winter Wheat | 2 lb. Bag

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Grain Place Foods Organic Kosher Hard Red Winter Wheat whole grain wheat kernels are minimally processed. Use hard red winter wheat as you would other whole grains grind into flour, or cook for use in casseroles, pilaf, breakfast porridge, soups and stews, and added to breads. Wheat, the Staff of Life, is the top cereal crop in the world followed by corn and rice.

It is the staple grain for at least a third of the world۪s population. Wheat is ubiquitous in the American diet - in breads, pasta, crackers, breakfast cereals, baked goods and pastries.

Unfortunately, most of these products are made from refined flour, which is missing the most nutritious parts of the wheat kernel the germ and bran. Enriching refined flour only adds a fraction of the nutrients that have been removed.

Wheat is classified according to planting season (winter or spring), hardness of the kernel (hard or soft) and color of the kernel (red or white). Winter wheat is planted in the fall and harvested in early summer; spring wheat is planted in spring and harvested in late summer.

Hard red winter and hard red spring wheat are higher in protein than soft wheat and are most commonly used for all-purpose flour and yeast breads. Durum wheat is the hardest variety, and is used to make pasta. Soft red winter and soft white spring wheat are milled into flour for making cakes, cookies, pastries and crackers. The color of wheat kernels is in the bran layer; white wheat lacks the genes for color that red varieties have. To cook one cup of hard red wheat, soak overnight, drain then add 4 cups of water, bring to a boil then simmer for 45-60 minutes. After cooking will yield 2 _ cups.

They buy the best quality as close to home as possible, and wherever possible, they maintain grower identity.

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