Barn Candle Company Sugar Plum Barn Brick Wax Tart
Barn Candle Company Sugar Plum Barn Brick Wax Tart
This holiday favorite is sure to leave sugarplums dancing in your head! A celebration of orange, persimmon, ripe plums, and succulent berries, with a hint of Concord grapes. Their Bricks are hand-poured using only the highest quality palm wax, which is specially formulated for optimum fragrance and melting performance. Each Brick can be broken into six segments of your favorite Barn fragrance. Designed to melt in most decorative warmers and made with a low melting temperature of 130 degrees. The approximate fragrance time of the barn brick is 36-40 hours.

The Barn Candle Company is committed to helping others. It's yearly fundraising program has supported a variety of groups - from religious organizations to dance studios. In 2016, the Barn Candle Company gave away over $60,000 to provide educational opportunities for young people. The Barn Candle Company's fundraiser program is offered year-round. This allows organizations to utilize the program when it best meets their needs.

Barn Candle Company

Sugar Plum Wax Melts | Ripe Orange, Plum, & Concord Grape Aroma | Barn Brick Wax Tart

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