Baker's Candies Meltaways 4 oz Bag

This 4 oz bag of Baker's world-class signature meltaways features an assortment of original flavors: Red - Solid Milk Chocolate, Gold - Milk Chocolate Mint, Green - Dark Chocolate Mint, Orange - Dark Chocolate Orange, Red & Silver - Milk Chocolate Raspberry, Blue - Dark Chocolate, Brown - Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Purple - Dark Chocolate Cherry, Black and Silver - Milk Chocolate Mocha, Silver - Milk Chocolate Caramel, Gold & Silver - Milk Chocolate Coconut.

Each bag may not carry all flavors. Flavors vary by bag. This is the perfect treat for yourself or share with loved ones, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers; Baker۪s meltaways are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression of quality. Proudly Made in the USA.

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Baker's Candies

Baker's Candies Meltaways 4 oz Bag