Annette Snyder's Travis Pass Romance Novel

Annette Snyder

Travis Pass | Romance Novel by Annette Snyder

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Every life holds a story. Annette Snyder, multi-published author and columnist, invites you to immerse yourself in her novel world of romance, adventure, comedy and intrigue.

Two families, the Eversby's, granted every convenience, and the Kubat's, determination their only asset, adventure westward toward freedom. Two families, embrace the same goal, the Oklahoma Free Land Race, and fall under hostile circumstance.

Travis Pass, sole heir to the Eversby fortune, returns to Boston when his fraternal grandfather reclaims him. Travis never forgets the Kubat's devotion, or the love he holds for their daughter. Can his heart permit Aggie marry another?

After Grandfather steals Travis away, Aggie's hope of love is crushed. With the support of her parents, she vows to move on. Certainly, people hold more than one extraordinary love a lifetime.

Can two parents forsake their dream for the sake of a baby? Can two families set aside differences for the sake of a child? Can two people from different worlds break the barriers of culture and distance for the sake of love?

Whether writing historically, contemporarily, or humorously, Annette Snyder's work centers on life in small, Midwestern towns and the amazing bonds people form with their neighbors.

This book is part of Snyder's 1800s series titled Travis Pass. This series includes the books Sally Murphy, Arpetta Honor, Liberty Road, Rock Creek, Albert's Rain & Travis Pass. You'll find major characters from one novel playing a minor role in the others, but they can be read in any order. Dive in for some great historical romance!