Annette Snyder's Respectable Affair Romance Novel

Annette Snyder

Respectable Affair | Romance Novel by Annette Snyder

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Broken promises affect everyone. A relationship with an unsavory criminal was only the beginning of Virginia Seidle's terrible run with men.

Would her life always be shadowed by previous mistakes? Would a career change turn bad luck around or was this boss just another man to avoid?

As a husband, Nolan promised to love in sickness and health. As a father, his mission is to protect his son. An affair? What woman deserved the backyard gossip that surrounded a secret relationship?

A pact of friendship and a secret love ... was that all Virgie and Nolan had? Was protecting the future of a boy and a madwoman the most important? Can two people in love sacrifice everything to keep an affair respectable for the sake of family?

This book is part of Snyder's World War II series, the other books are Viveka's War and Eureka Springs. If you are a fan of historical romance, you'll want to buy all three! Respectable Affair was selected as Runner Up in the historical category of the Golden Rose Awards for novels written in 2012.