Annette Snyder's Intimate Flames Romance Novel

Annette Snyder

Intimate Flames | Romance Novel by Annette Snyder

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Bradie Carpenter holds only memories of love lost from her relationship with Grant Blain, sole heir to the Blain family fortune. Armed with determination after Grant's tragic death, Bradie moves forward with their son. Without the exclusive Blain family name or the advantages of fortune and diligent to overcome the obstacles of singles parenthood, she sets a goal of a better life in the picturesque town of Union.

Andrew "Amen" Packard married young. After a turbulent divorce stemming from pressure of his firefighter career, Amen chooses his heated profession over affection for family and friends. Not until he meets Bradie does he rethink his decision to exclude love from his life.

Can Bradie discover that money doesn't always extinguish love? Will Amen allow a ready-made family near enough to bash towering walls of seclusion? Is friendship and attraction enough to heal the lives of two souls charred from fate?

This book is part of Snyder's contemporary series along with Drive Thru. Stay tuned for release of the third novel in this series! Intimate Flames was a Finalist in the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition 2011 EPPIE Awards in the Contemporary novel category.