Annette Snyder's Arpetta Honor Romance Novel

Annette Snyder

Arpetta Honor | Romance Novel by Annette Snyder

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Lorenz Arpetta's life seemed perfect. A prominent attorney, married to a beautiful girl from the well-known Ousterhause family, his advantaged life stood a far cry from his childhood on impoverished streets of Italy. Who knew the years would turn to hiding secrets of a family name?

Married and widowed at a young age wasn't Jane's idea of success though her life held that path. Assuming responsibility of service, she tucked disappointment of lost dreams behind. Who knew her feelings for Lorenz would flare to such unrequited heights?

With confidentialities of the Ousterhause name kept, Lorenz vows to honor his pledge regardless of consequence. With Jane's admirable promise, the reputation of Arpetta Manor remains intact. As Lorenz and Jane struggle with restriction, will they find that admiration and strength are enough to survive tragedy and fan the flames of love?

Whether writing historically, contemporarily, or humorously, Annette Snyder's work centers on life in small, Midwestern towns and the amazing bonds people form with their neighbors. This book is part of Snyder's 1800s series titled Travis Pass. This series includes the books Sally Murphy, Arpetta Honor, Liberty Road, Rock Creek, Albert's Rain & Travis Pass. You'll find major characters from one novel playing a minor role in the others, but they can be read in any order. Dive in for some great historical romance!