Annette Snyder's Albert's Rain Romance Novel

Annette Snyder

Albert's Rain | Romance Novel by Annette Snyder

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Albert's dream led him toward independence. Escaping slavery, to pursue a life where no man controlled him, was his goal. Frivolities of friendships could vanish with the whip of a switch, but freedom could be held a lifetime.

Rayna's choice was to set example and board a ship so her people could survive. Only after arrival in America, at Bristol Plantation, did she realize what consequence her sacrifice held. Her surrender meant life as a slave and separation from her family. Can Albert's heart transcend language and barriers of slavery and allow Rayna close? Will Rayna put aside hurt caused by the plantation owner and allow Albert's love to heal her heart? Can the pair abandon mistrust and let the kindness of strangers be their salvation?

Whether writing historically, contemporarily, or humorously, Annette Snyder's work centers on life in small, Midwestern towns and the amazing bonds people form with their neighbors.

This book is part of Snyder's 1800s series titled Travis Pass. This series includes the books Sally Murphy, Arpetta Honor, Liberty Road, Rock Creek, Albert's Rain & Travis Pass. You'll find major characters from one novel playing a minor role in the others, but they can be read in any order. Dive in for some great historical romance!