Z Harvest Gems

According to legend, five kernels of corn are symbolic of the struggles that the men and women endured while establishing our great country. In the face of hardship they portrayed perseverance, optimism, and love. Through overwhelming challenges, they practiced thankfulness and claimed their blessing. Z. Harvest gems have created hand-crafted jewelry that contains at least a portion of five kernels of corn. The jewelry pieces vary in color and some are combined with genuine stone. The multi-step process is patent pending. Each piece is unique.
Our hope, as you wear and enjoy your five-kernel creation, is that your grit, optimism, faith and love will carry you through your difficulties and trials.
Persevere…We Believe You Can!

She understands the importance of keeping kids engaged and providing educational content. GRIT, Zest & the mystery of the Coding Capers are educational children's books wrote by Tamara, who is a teacher.