Spice Isle Sauces LLC

If you are looking to jazz up your cooking, look no further.  Spice Isle Sauces products will bring a taste of the Caribbean to your home.  Both the gourmet sauces and the seasonings/rubs are extremely versatile products.

Spice Isle Sauces Seasonings/Rubs can be used as all-purpose seasonings or as rubs for grilling or smoking.  There are 3 varieties: Tropical Tamarind offering a blend of tropical fruit flavors with an emphasis on Tamarind, Tropical Heat which provides a bit of a kick in addition to the tropical fruits, and Tropical Jerk which will take you back to Jamaica.

  • As a rub, they are perfect for all meats, poultry, and seafood
  • As a seasoning, they are wonderful on any steamed vegetable, stir frys, popcorn, hamburgers, eggs, chili, stew, baked beans, and much more
  • They can also be stirred in to hummus or sour cream for a tasty dip

Spice Isle Sauces are a line of gourmet sauces that capture the flavors of the Caribbean.  There are 3 varieties:  Tropical Tamarind which is similar to a Tropical BBQ sauce, featuring a blend of tropical fruits with an emphasis on Tamarind, Tropical Heat which adds a bit of kick to the Tamarind Sauce, and a Tropical Jerk Sauce.

  • These sauces are great for grilling, marinating, or sautéing.
  • They are wonderful on beef brisket, chicken wings, pork chops, ribs, pork/beef roast, salmon or any fish, sloppy joes, little smokies, meatloaf, and ham.
  • They also make a great dipping sauce or condiment with chips, veggies, shrimp, scrambled eggs, chicken fingers, French fries, Brats, Hot dogs and Hamburgers.....or can even be used as a salad dressing.