Dirt Nap Dip Original Blend Hot Sauce | You buy, and we give 100% | 12 Pack

Dirt Nap Dip Original Blend Hot Sauce | You buy, and we give 100% | 12 Pack

Dirt Nap Dip Original Blend Hot Sauce | You buy, and we give 100% | 12 Pack

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12(case) - 8oz. Bottles of Dirt Nap Dip Original Blend Hot Sauce

A hot sauce, unlike any other, Dirt Nap Dip Original Blend, is the sauce de résistance for any meal. Add a blast of spicy goodness directly to food or zing up your favorite recipe with a flavor that always brings 'em back for seconds.

  • Habanero-infused burn
  • Jamaican-inspired flavor (it's addictive!)

The Dirt Nap Series combines fiery habanero peppers with authentic Jamaican spices for a taste that's truly unique compared to the endless rows of condiments on your grocery store shelves.

Original Blend is a "hot but not too hot" sauce that was first created for the 2006 Trelawny Yam Festival in Jamaica where it won a bronze and silver medal. Original Blend is a great way to introduce Dirt Nap to your kitchen and loved ones. Sales from this product support the baldorf Charitable Foundation. The Foundation supports local communities through initiatives focusing on education, healthy lifestyles and environmental conservation.

We're no ordinary charitable organization. Yes, we rely on donations, grants and community support. But, we like to make things happen on our own too. That's why we've created a line of products that funnel profits back to charitable causes. You buy, and we give. 100%.

Learn more about Mystic Rhoads 2019 Best Local Product Award by Russ's Market

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