ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC "Lavender" 6 oz. Lavender Body Balm
One of the most well-known essential oils in aromatherapy, this body balm scent is a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean and calm. This one is great to use at night to calm the mind and moisturize the body while you sleep.

Ingredients: 100% sweet almond oil, mangalitsa lard, beeswax pastilles, distilled water, vitamin e oil, fragrance oil

About ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC: After months of researching, testing, and perfecting their recipe, they found the right combination of ingredients to create a moisturizing body balm. The products are created by hand at their farm in Pender, Nebraska. The mangalitsa lard is a high-end ingredient and they add high quality, all-natural almond oil, vitamin E and beeswax to each batch. They currently offer five scents: almond, cedarwood and sage, lavender, tea tree and eucalyputus with breathe right.

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ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC

ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC "Lavender" 6 oz. Lavender Body Balm

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