Pipe Tobacco & Coffee 4 oz. Natural Bar Soap

This is the soap for gentlemen. You don۪t need a beard. You don۪t need to be on a mountain somewhere. If you value quality, while others favor quantity, then this bar is for you.

Ingredients: Organic Palm Oil*, Organic Coconut Oil and/or Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Water, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide**, Unrefined Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Pipe Tobacco Fragrance, Ground Coffee, Activated Charcoal Powder

*Rainforest Alliance Certified **Used to saponify oils into soap. None remains in final product.

Your Pacha Soap purchases help fuel clean water initiatives, small-scale soap shops and other sustainable enterprises in developing countries. To learn more about Pacha's mission visit pachasoap.com  

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Pipe Tobacco & Coffee 4 oz. Natural Bar Soap

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