Ogallala Bay Rum Dry Skin Balm
This is incredible stuff for dry skin! If you don't much care for lotions then this is for you! It is more the consistency of thick saddle soap or thick shoe polish. It is bees wax and sweet almond oil based. A pea-sized dab of this semi-solid balm rubbed in the palms of your hands will warm up and allow you rub it where needed ... and it will make a quick believer out of you. We might suggest putting it on a little thicker when going to bed and let it work it's magic all night long. It is especially great for cracked skin around your thumbnails ... and on cuticles! It is also great on feet, cracked heels, etc. Gardeners, cement workers ... anyone who does something that is darn right rude to their skin will love Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Dry Skin Balm! The tin holds one ounce net weight of Genuine Ogallala Dry Skin Balm. If the tin were empty it would hold two fluid ounces of water. It is about the size of a typical tin of shoe polish. A little of this goes a long way. A customer in Oklahoma writes about her husbands happiness with Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Dry Skin Balm ..."he keeps one here, and one in his pocket when he goes anywhere. He uses it several times a day because the winters are so dry here. Every time he washes his hands, he's got it out. I just love smelling his hands afterward!"

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Ogallala Bay Rum

Ogallala Bay Rum Dry Skin Balm

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