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    Ag Alchemy is sold by The Brenmar Comapny. The Brenmar Company is based out of LaVista, Nebraska. Marlene Hytrek the founder of the program in 1988. The company now produces multi million dollars in sales and has been labeled one of the fastest growing distributors by many of the company’s vendors. Brenmar now represents a one stop shop because of the wide range of products offered such as carryout bags and a broad range of packaging for bakery, deli, meat and produce departments.

    Brenmar also has expanded beyond supermarkets to include many other retail concerns, as well as foodservice and manufacturing companies, selling such items as thermal printers, labels, fastener systems and packaging. In keeping with market trends, Brenmar has moved into general merchandise for supermarkets. More and more supermarkets are offering a variety of non food products.

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