Wild Sky Seasonings Injection Brine Mix | Best Seasoning For Turkeys, Ducks, Chicken, Fish

In 2006 an early version of the Wild Sky product was developed. Over the next few years they experimented, tasted, tested and fell in love with the newer version that not only tasted great with turkeys, but chicken as well. Upon more experimentation they realized that Wild Sky works great as a soak for a variety of fish (before they're smoked). In 2012 they created the name Wild Sky Seasonings LLC and were on their way to releasing it to the public world. 

They want to give the hunter and backyard barbecue chef an easy way to create delicious and remarkable meats from their game or domestic birds, fish and game meats. The bird lovers and even the haters will love what you can prepare using Wild Sky's Injection Brine Mix

This unique injection product brings to life the great tastes and flavors of any bird you prepare. You and your family are about to experience some great eating, whether it’s wild turkey, duck, geese, snow geese or domestic turkey or chicken.

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For Ducks, Geese, Turkeys & Chickens

1 package prepares 8–10 pounds of meat

2 packages prepare up to 20 pounds of meat

Dissolve 1 entire package of Wild Sky Seasonings injection brine mix with 3 quarts of water.  

Whole Turkeys and Chickens: Inject brine into both sides of breasts, thighs, drumsticks. Inject generously.  Goose and duck breasts: Inject brine into center of breasts thoroughly and around edges.

After injection, place meat into clean non-metallic container.  Three-gallon plastic buckets work well. Use a five-gallon bucket for whole turkeys.  Pour remainder of brine into bucket with meat and add water if necessary to cover meat entirely.  Refrigerate at least 8 hours, up to 24-32 hours.  Stir occasionally.  Remove meat and drain, discard remaining brine. 

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