Wild Sky Seasoning Injection Brine Mix | Add Flavor To Your Holiday Meal | Turkey, Geese, Duck, Chicken

Wild Sky Seasoning is developed by a hunter who was convinced there had to be a better way to process and cook ducks, geese, and wild turkeys. Wild Sky Seasonings Original Injection Brine and Cure Mix works on all waterfowl and poultry even the store bought variety! This product makes waterfowl and poultry delicious, yet stops all microbial action making it safe to consume and handle.

For Ducks­čŽć, Geese­čŽó, Turkeys­čŽâ & Chickens­čÉö

  • 1 package prepares 8ÔÇô10 pounds of meat
  • 2 packages prepare up to 20 pounds of meat

Dissolve 1 entire package of Wild Sky Seasonings injection brine mix with 3 quarts of water.  

  • Whole Turkeys and Chickens: Inject brine into both sides of breasts, thighs, drumsticks. Inject generously. ┬á
  • Goose and duck breasts: Inject brine into center of breasts thoroughly and around edges.

After injection, place meat into clean non-metallic container.  Three-gallon plastic buckets work well. Use a five-gallon bucket for whole turkeys.  Pour remainder of brine into bucket with meat and add water if necessary to cover meat entirely.  Refrigerate at least 8 hours, up to 24-32 hours. Stir occasionally.  Remove meat and drain, discard remaining brine.

Cook meat according to your smoker directions or bake as directed below:

Turkey (store bought)
Wild Turkey
10 pounds
Oven: Place turkey in roasting pan with rack.  Bake uncovered, 325° for 3 hours or until thermometer registers 180°.
Smoker: For a whole turkey, place turkey in a foil roasting pan.  Smoke at 275° for 8 hours or until thermometer registers 180°.   For turkey breast, place directly on rack in smoker, until thermometer registers 170°.
Whole Chickens
8 ÔÇô 10 pounds
Oven: Place chicken in roasting pan with rack.  Add 1/2 cup water to the bottom of pan to prevent burning.  Bake uncovered, 350° for 2 hours or until thermometer registers 180°.
Smoker: Place chicken on rack in smoker.  Smoke chicken at 275° for 4 hours or until thermometer registers 180°.
Goose/Duck Breast
8 ÔÇô 10 pounds
Smoker: Place goose/duck on rack in smoker.  Smoke at 225° until internal temperature reaches 160°.  Remove immediately.

Always cook meats to food safe temperatures. Never consume uncooked meat.

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