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Grilling season is here and this grilling combo is perfect for gatherings around the fire. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for many and has kept many people away from friends and family. What better way to bring people back together than to enjoy some great food over the fire while accompanied by laughter and memories. 
Step 1: McLean 100% Natural Beef Patties
What makes McLean Beef so unique is the generational history and passion behind the industry. McLean Farms started with dairy purchased by Ralph and Maxine McLean of rural Benedict, NE in 1939. Ralph taught his children how to mix feed, care for the cattle and run a successful business.

Ralph's son, Jim McLean continued the farming business and added finishing fed cattle to the operation starting with 100 bucket calves in 1961. Today, Jim's interests in cattle feeding and maintaining the family farm are still strong.

Jim's sons are the third generation involved in the family business. All of the boys have been involved in the operation one way or another, which includes crop production to maintaining the machinery. 

The fourth generation of the McLeans are learning the cattle business, the importance of a strong work ethic and maintaining the family farm from Grandpa and their dads.
Step 2: Add Baldridge Seasoning 
Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning is a unique spice blend utilizing 23 different herbs and spices. It is gluten free and has no MSG. It makes a delicious steak rub and is even great on salmon, beef, and pork. Try it on everything but ice cream!

Zelphia Baldridge was one of those old fashioned cooks whose table was a favorite meeting place for friends and family. Jim Baldridge, Zelphia's fourth son, took to the art of cooking as he helped his mom throughout the years.  

A few trips to Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, where he observed many fine chefs at work, and the encouragement of a local grocery store chain owner, convinced Jim Baldridge that he should perfect his blend of herbs and spices for marketing.

After procuring a reliable source of the finest herbs, spices, and necessary ingredients, a commercial venture began in July 1991 when Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning was placed on the retail market. The response has been phenomenal.

Step 3: The Grilling Basket

This Grilling Basket is used for cooking/grilling any kind of food over an open campfire, gas grill, charcoal, smoker, or any major heat source. It can also be used in an oven. The grill gloves are included to use when cooking over an open fire or handling anything hot, similar to oven mitts.

Below are some of its great attributes:

  • Easy to cook steak, chicken wings, and vegetables over charcoal, campfire, or gas grill all at the same time!
  • It holds your food firmly in place and makes flipping a breeze
  • Made of high quality professional 430 grade stainless steel that does NOT rust! 
  • The nonstick steel is dishwasher safe, making for an easy clean-up.
  • A pair of orange, heat-resistant silicone grill gloves are included and are ideal to use while grilling.


For Best Results: Season McLean beef patties with Baldridge seasoning on both sides, place in grilling basket, simply flip to cook other side so both sides get equally perfected. Pair with some grilled veggies and your taste buds will be soaking in the memories of the time around the fire with family and friends.

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