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Are you looking for a delicious drink for a cold day? These Cup of Coa bombs paired with Sue's Creative Confections marshmallows make for a sweet treat when it's chilly outside. 

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Who is Cup of Coa?

During the 1960s, when the original founder Todd Newman was growing up, his grandmother used to mix a variety of cocoas to make the perfect hot chocolate for all her grandkids. Year after year this signature recipe was a treasured family secret until, in 1994, Todd Newman and his partners decided to transform their hidden treasure into a recipe which could be duplicated to share with the world.

Their product’s recipe began to take shape in 1995, when they profiled every existing gourmet hot cocoa. They discovered that most product lines relied heavily upon artificial flavorings, fragrances, and colorants. From the start, they knew they wanted a cocoa that was genuine in both color and flavor, derived only from the finest cocoas available and not reliant on artificial additives.

Cup of Coa was the official sponsored cocoa for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2016 distribution was moved to Nebraska the home of Barista’s Daily Grind, which Jasmine also acquired ownership of. 

What makes Cup of Coa different? 

It is the ONLY Cocoa that can be served hot, iced or blended. It tastes delicious in whichever form you prefer. Try it for yourself!

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Homemade Gourmet Marshmallows | Flavored | Best for S'mores & Bonfires | Sue's Creative Confections

Who is Sue's Creative Confections?

Sue's Creative Confections is a unique, family-based, home-based candy shop specializing in homemade candy with family recipes going back generations. Traditions are shared with their grandchildren keeping oral stories alive while teaching them the art and love of making sweets.

They have been making and sharing their unique confections for over 20 years. What started out as a traditional holiday time family tradition has grown into a passion of artful and skilled candy making ready to share with customers year round. One taste of their creamy confections will take your taste buds back to years of yore. Talk about melt in your mouth good! 


1 Large Bag of Chocolate Chips

1 Container of Cup of Coa

1 Bag of Sue's Creative Confections Marshmallows


1. Melt the chocolate chips in a glass container in 15 second increments. 

2. Grab a brush or spoon to coat chocolate in your molds.

3. Once the molds are coated, put them in the freezer for 10 minutes. 

4. When your molds are ready, loosen half your batch from the mold. Keep the other half in the mold. 

5. Scoop Cup of Coa in the mold until the mold is half full. 

6. Put a couple marshmallows in the mold. 

7. Take your brush or spoon and coat the edges in melted chocolate. 

8. Press the empty half together with the one in the mold. 

9. Put in freezer.

10. Enjoy. 



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