Blue Hippy Mocktail | Tea n' More | Kid Friendly | Refreshing Summer Drink | Can Be Made Into A Delicious Cocktail

A magical tea kids will ask for over and over. This light & floral tea has a hint of lemon that makes it the perfect refresher for a hot summer day. You can also make a Drunken Hippy drink from this same recipe, but add your favorite liquor! Let's make some magic! 


Who is Tea n' More? 

Tea n More is based out of Elmwood, Nebraska. They emerged unexpectedly from a life-changing moment, evolving from porch drop-offs of Chai concentrate in 2020 to a diverse range of Cold Brew Iced teas, traditional Cuppa Teas, and Latte Kits. With bold flavors and surprising blends, there's a tea for everyone, from ages three to ninety-three. Discover outstanding taste and quality with these easy-to-use kits and single tea bags. Each sip embodies a journey of grace, proving that sometimes, the most remarkable discoveries come quietly, one cup at a time.  



Ingredients : 

  • Magic Butterfly Ice Tea 
  • Lemon/Lime Soda 
  • Lemonade Concentrate 
  • Lemon Slice (for garnish)
  • For An Adult Beverage : your favorite vodka/liquor 


  1. Add lemonade concentrate to cover bottom of glass
  2. Fill glass 1/2 full with blue ice cubes (made from Magic Butterfly Tea)
  3. Slow pour tea onto ice cubes to 3/4ths full
  4. Top with lemon/lime soda
  5. Garnish with a lemon slice (regular ice can also be used) 


For A Drunken Hippy Cocktail:

  1. For a purple/blue color layer, add a shot of your favorite vodka before adding the soda 
  2. Stir to create a purple beverage! 





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