4 Out-of-the-Box S'mores Recipes for the Summer | Feat. Sue's Creative Confections

Nothing says “Summer Nights” quite like an ooey, gooey, melty s’more. 

The way the milk chocolate melts and the vanilla marshmallow puffs up are classic. And so are their flavors. 

But add some vibrant colors and new flavors from Sue’s Creative Confections and suddenly you’ve got a standout summer memory. 

Try pairing different varieties of chocolate with Sue’s wide variety of marshmallows. There are a ton of creations just waiting to be made! 

If you want some help pairing flavors, though, we’re here to help! Try one of these four new s’more recipes:

Who is Sue’s Creative Confections?

Sue's Creative Confections is a family-based candy shop located in Ithaca, NE specializing in homemade candy with family recipes going back generations. 

Traditions are shared with the grandchildren keeping oral stories alive while teaching them the art and love of making sweets. Sue’s have been making and sharing our unique confections for over 20 years. What started out as a traditional holiday time family tradition has grown into a passion of artful and skilled candy making ready to share with customers year round.

One taste of Sue’s creamy confections will take your taste buds back to years of yore.

Cookie Monster S’more Ingredients:

Black Forest S’more Ingredients:

Banana Cream Pie S’more Ingredients:

Peachy Keen S’more


  • Prepare graham crackers topped with chocolate
  • Toast marshmallow over fire (or in microwave)
  • Place marshmallow on top of chocolate and graham cracker
  • Top with second half of graham cracker
  • Enjoy quickly while it's still warm and melty!


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